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“Do what you love, and you will find the way to get it out to the world.” ~Judy Collins

Shana Fu started East West Event Productions after realizing that her passion and extensive experience in event planning could be used to help individuals and groups create memorable events and achieve lasting results. Shana has over eight years of event planning experience. Her love of events started in her college years at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor while holding leadership roles in her sorority and various student organizations. On campus, she successfully put together fundraisers, mixers, student conferences and banquets.

Following graduation, Shana sharpened her event planning skills while running events for churches and nonprofit organizations. Furthermore, she worked as a Marketing Coordinator at a major food & beverage company where her responsibilities included managing retail restaurant grand openings, distributor conferences, product tastings, launch tours and food industry trade shows. Later, she continued to use her planning skills while working at a world-renowned technology corporation. There, she coordinated travel arrangements, seminars, workshops, meetings, launch events and client functions. Shana has also trained with leading event professionals where she received valuable hands on experience and knowledge in wedding and social event planning.

Presently, Shana spends countless hours researching current event planning trends and learning new ways to produce high quality events. Not only does she delight in creating memorable events for her clients, she also enjoys organizing parties and celebrations amongst friends and family. She says the best feeling is seeing her clients and guests enjoying themselves and connecting with each other at one of her events. In her free time, Shana likes to listen to music, play board games, try new restaurants, and travel.

The name East West Event Productions came from the common theme in Shana’s life – moving from east to west. First Shana moved from Taiwan to the United States as a young child, and then she moved from the Midwest to California after college. Because of these occurrences, she has met a variety of people, can understand and appreciate different cultures and locations, and recognizes that people are able to bond with one another regardless of any differences – especially at special events.

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